Hoist unit AP-80

Hoist unit AP-80

Hoist units AP-80 are designed for development and repair of oil and gas wells.

The scope of application of the units is the performance of technological operations during the development of wells, repair work, running and pulling-out of tubing, installation of service equipment at the wellhead and breakdown elimination.

The mechanisms of the AP-80 unit are mounted on the MZKT-800077-21 chassis with a 6x6 wheel arrangement, equipped with a preheating system and a 294 kW YaMZ - 7511 undercarriage diesel engine at 1900 rpm.

The conditional depth of wells during repair and development is 4000 meters (tubing 102 GOST 633-80, 14 kg/m).

The conditional depth of drilling wells is 2000 meters (when drilling with a column of pipes 127 GOST 631-75, 24 kg/m).

Design features:

  • single-drum drawworks with pneumatic disc clutches that allow quick switch from one speed range to another and do not require an additional compressor;
  • drilling drum with Lebus grooves that ensure even winding of the rope;
  • oil-filled chain reducing gear for drawworks drive;
  • brake pads with a width of 230x130x32 mm from stationary drilling rigs;
  • extension of the upper section by a hydraulic drawworks from a remote control panel;
  • hydraulic drawworks for auxiliary work;
  • hydraulic jacks (outriggers) with a stroke of 700 mm;
  • reverse reducing gear of the rotor drive;
  • the torque and rotational speed of the rotor indicator;
  • transformable work platform with height adjustable from 0.8 to 1.5 m;
  • emergency electric drive;
  • drum for bypass casing line;
  • complete set taking into account the primary purpose and technological features of works.