Ball valves

Ball valves

Ball lock valves of the KShZ type are intended for blocking the pipe channel of drill pipes in order to prevent the occurrence of open fountains or in the process of their elimination when drilling oil and gas wells. Valves are installed in the arrangement of the drilling tool.

Design and operation principle

The one-piece body of the valve includes: a ball, seats with fluoroplastic sealing rings, spring-loaded disk springs and thread fixing the position of the ball in the body (see technical characteristics). Tightness between the seats and the ball is achieved by using fluoroplastic rings, and in all other fixed connections by rubber sealing rings. The closing of the pass-through valve is performed by turning the ball clockwise until it stops at 90 degrees by means of the control key of the CU. Opening counterclockwise until it stops at a 90-degree angle.

Technical characteristics

Ball valves for drilling works