Mobile drilling rig ARS-250

Mobile drilling rig ARS-250

Mobile drilling rig ARS-250 is designed to perform all types of work and technological operations when drilling oil and gas wells up to 4200 m deep in macroclimatic areas with a moderate climate (at temperatures from -45°C to + 40° C) when developing deposits with a hydrogen sulfide content of less than 6%.

Technical characteristics



Type of drilling rig

Mobile drilling rig of a block-modular type.
The derrick drawwork unit is mounted on a semi-trailer.

Mechanisms drive 

Universal (possibility to work from the grid or from the DES) electric drive of main mechanisms with frequency regulation and program control, motors of main drives of alternating current

Hook load:


- the maximum permissible

250 metric tons

- test

312,5 metric tons


With a gear transmission, it is equipped with a main electric motor of 1200 kW, operating in the mode of lifting, lowering, braking and regulating the bit feed, and an auxiliary electric motor of 45 kW, operating in the mode of emergency drive. The gin is equipped with a drum parking disc brake

- power

1200 kW

- traction effort on the second layer of winding

245.3 kN (25 t)

- range of lifting speeds of the casing block

0.... 1.5 m/s

- bit auto-feed speed

0-200 m/h

- maximum load on the hook, when working with the auxiliary drive

145 t


Two-section, telescopic, inclined with an open front face

- height from ground level to crown block frame

40 m

- extension of the upper section

hydraulic cylinder

- the number of mounting levels for the derrickman balcony


- height from the floor of the derrick support to the level of mounting the derrickman balcony

16.5; 17.7; 18, 22.5 m

- racking capacity

3700 m of pipes Ø127 mm

Tackle system:

With a casing line bypass device

- mountings

5 x 6

- diameter of the casing line

32 mm

Auxiliary hydraulic drawworks:


- quantity


- permissible load on the hook

49 kN (5 t)

- rope diameter

16.5 mm

Hydraulic spreader:




- rod stroke

900 mm

- maximum tractive effort

54 kN (5.5 tf)

Manifold (standpipe with drilling hose)

With quick-release connections

- cross-section diameter

102 mm

- fluid pressure

35 MPa (350 kg / cm2)

Derrick support:

Parallelogram type, with hydraulic lifting system of the working platform, with heated racking. 

- carrying capacity of the support beam

4061 kN (414 t)

- racking carrying capacity

2453 kN (250 t)


1609 kN (164 t)

- height from the ground to the floor of the derrick support

6,85 m

- height from the ground to the bottom of the support beam

5,8 m

Rotary table

with an adjustable drive, based on an asynchronous motor with frequency speed control.

- permissible static load on the table

500 t

- diameter of the through hole of the rotary table

700 mm

Top drive system


- actuator

Electric, frequency-controlled

- carrying capacity

2450 kN (250 t)

- rotation speed of the swivel shaft

0...200 rpm

- working torque moment during drilling (n = 95 rpm)

42 kN·m

Mud pump

two drilling three-piston pumps 12T1600

- power

1,193 kW (1,600 hp)

- maximum supply of one mud pump

3,127 l/min (826 gallons/min) with 7.1/2" piston at 120 stroke/min

- maximum pressure

345 bar (5000 lb/in²) with piston

Drilling mud cleaning system 


- net volume

250 3


Mobile drilling rig ARS-250

Mobile drilling rig ARS-250

Mobile drilling rig ARS-250

Mobile drilling rig ARS-250